Volume treatment
with Hyaluron

Hyaluronic acid in its original form is a natural part of the body. It is a naturally occurring and moisture-binding glycosaminoglycan (sugar) compound. The synthetic production enables a high tolerance and biocompatibility. The products are administered using microneedle injection or a hyaluron pen. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid enables long-lasting cosmetic results and a naturally beautiful appearance. For specifically selected indications, however, the body's own plasma is also processed and used as vampire lifting. Our common goal is to achieve a refreshed appearance. It is not the goal to achieve a refreshed appearance. The success of a treatment with cross-linked hyaluronic acid is immediately visible and lasting, but not permanent. We use the best Dermafiller products on the market such as Restylane for the Lipfiller or Juvederm for tissue augmentation. Over time, the hyaluronic acid is broken down naturally. Treatment with hyaluronic acid should be repeated after 6–12 months to maintain the results.


0.25 ml
0.50 ml
1.00 ml
Zones and aproximative volume needed
Cheek (med./ant./lat.) — 1.6 ml
Tear troughs (lat./med.) — 1.2 ml
Temple — 0.6 ml
Eyebrow — 0.2 ml
Nasalis lines — 0.8 ml
Lips — 0.8 ml
Chin — 0.8 ml
Marionette lines — 0.8 ml

10% First treatment Discount