PDO mesolifting
Polydioxanone Collagen Stimulation

PDO mesotherapy is the latest development in anti-aging therapy. With the help of the smallest needles, threads are inserted into the skin (mesoderm) from the outside like a net. This stimulates the skin's collagen production. The tissue tightens and the treated areas are discreetly lifted. The threads used are made of PDO (Polydioxanone), a material that is already used in surgery. PDO is absorbable, the threads dissolve after about six months. Therefore, the treatment is also very well tolerated. The full effect of the treatment is visible after about eight weeks and is sustained but is also subject to the normal aging process. Ideally, the treatment is started about four weeks after botulinum treatment, so that the smoothed skin areas are stabilized in their status.


6 threads and more are used per area
Tornado Thread
6 threads and more are used per area
Lateral eyes
Above eyebrows
Nasolabial folds

10% First treatment Discount